Five Lifestyle Items Perfect as Holiday Gifts

Gifting friends and family can be quite stressful and many times you are simply stuck with: what should I give him or her? If this sounds pretty much like your case,here are some lifestyle gift ideas that basically anyone today would appreciate and find useful.

Meditation bench

A handcrafted meditation bench is a nice gift not just for someone who does yoga and meditation,but for anyone who would like to improve their posture. This mini bench is portable,lightweight,utterly comfortable to use,not to mention cute.


Candles are not only good decors; they are also useful and lend a peaceful lifestyle feel to any space. They come in different shapes,sizes,colors,and designs. Most of them are scented,which makes homes smell really good. These are the reasons they make perfect holiday gifts.

Indoor garden kit

Almost everyone has been discovering their inner “green thumb” lately,and what better gift to give them than an indoor garden kit? It is basically a pot that has its own passive hydroponic system,meaning it is great for people who tend to neglect their greens. The kit comes with a live plant,usually nice-smelling plants such as chamomile,basil,and lavender.

Incense box

Another excellent lifestyle gift pick,incense helps stimulate your nostrils and calm your mind. Perfect for fighting stress at home due to the pandemic,incense boxes are packed with various scents from herbs,spices,and eucalyptus.


Puzzles are another hot pick as holiday gifts. They come in different sizes and designs. Five hundred-piece puzzles are a basic option,but if your friend or loved one is someone who loves challenges,a 1000-piece puzzle would surely be perfect.

There are many other unique and cool gifts you can find in lifestyle stores in Hong Kong. Go explore your options so you can find the perfect gift for your loved ones,or perhaps for yourself as well,because why not?

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